What do you really need as a leader? A bigger budget? Better trained employees? A healthier workplace culture? All of these things would help your school or business grow, but is it what you really need?

Leaders are often picked because of skill in a specific area. The most productive worker is promoted because they can produce. A teacher moves into administration because they have high academic success in their classroom. Yet the main job of a leader is to lead people.

What we have in schools, businesses, and churches are leaders who haven’t been trained in the one main thing they are expected to do – LEAD! I’m in my first year as principal and I thirst for those times where I am challenged to reflect and grow as a a leader. I’ve realized the most difficult challenge is that I don’t have a coach or network to help me grow as a leader!

I’m starting Empower Consulting – a leadership consulting business based in Kona, Hawaii. We are focused on building leaders who empower their teams to success. I’ll be providing workshops, webinars, and leadership retreats to support and serve leaders in schools, non-profits, churches, and businesses.

Are you a leader who wants to grow in your leadership? Contact me at jeff@empower.consulting to find out how I can serve you!

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