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Coaching for leaders that want to establish their legacy through positive community impact.

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Our one-on-one leadership coaching is designed for community leaders who have two bottom lines - social impact and fiscal responsibility. We focus on building leadership skills that improve personal wellness, team culture, and community impact. 

The base price for leadership coaching is $300/hr. 

Special pricing for multi-month contracts.

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Our career coaching program consists of four one-on-one sessions designed to help you with clarifying your purpose, presenting your authentic self, making connections, and improving your interviewing and negotiation skills.

The program cost is $500 which includes the four one-on-one sessions and two follow-up sessions as you go through your career search.

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We all desire to be part of something bigger than ourselves.

Being a leader can be lonely. Being a giver can be draining. Community leaders often struggle with asking and receiving help for themselves.

Our community groups are spaces where people are encouraged to make self-care a priority. Where we can be vulnerable and authentic in a loving and nurturing space.

Joining a community group is free and open to all. Sign-up here!

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